Neues Titelbild wird bei der Vernissage der Ausstellung ‘Wäscheleine & Co’ am 27.09. bekannt gegeben.

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eigenarten Interkulturelles Festival Hamburg

24 october to 3 november 2019


eigenarten was initiated by a group of artists in Hamburg working across cultures. The founding idea was further developed by members of the non-profit arts organization peeng e.V., which had been asked to lend support and which has officially hosted the festival since 2000. In the years since, eigenarten has both strengthened and refined its profile. Our goal is to incorporate the ideas of everyone involved, from the artists and cooperation partners to the audiences, thereby encouraging the greatest possible identification with the work. Giving Hamburg artists from all over the world a chance to present their current work is one of eigenarten's leitmotifs. We also continually encourage collaboration among our network.

Festival productions are based on the deeply-rooted experiences of people at home in more than one culture. Whether consciously or unwittingly, they encounter different world views and move through different societies; either they have travelled far or they experience the everyday, many-voiced susurrus of diverse tongues at their very own doorstep. Their origins are the source of new cultural connections.

In the last several years, eigenarten has become a vital feature of Hamburg's cultural landscape. Every year, this intercultural festival taps Hamburg's dynamic artistic potential by presenting the most unusual and exciting productions, duly representing a cosmopolitan city which has always drawn its creative energy from international exchange.